Who is Drunvalo Melchizedek?

Who is Drunvalo Melchizedek and what is Drunvalo’s biography – the “celestial/stellar history” of a spiritual being. I’ll start this survey with the short answer to the question of  “What does the name Drunvalo Melchizedek mean“. However, keep in mind that a name is a quality and always a statement, linking a material and spiritual identity. So in Drunvalo’s case, it should be considered as a “mission title” more than a pseudonym, or whatever.

According to the man himself, “Drunvalo” is a druidic name meaning “a little tree on the edge of a stream”. It was chosen for and given to him “by others”. Follow this link to read more about what does Melchizedek’s name mean and what does Melchizedek has to do with Christ. It suffices to say here, the name “Melchizedek” in Hebrew means “my king is righteousness”. The very comparison of Melchizedek to (Jesus) Christ may give you some clues. About why some refer to the Melchizedek name (title) as a symbol for the “first diminution of consciousness from the Nothingness”. Drunvalo says there are over 100000 levels of consciousness preceding the All Is One realm.

Machiavinda Melchizedek

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Have you heard of Machiavinda Melchizedek? It is a spirit assigned from the Galactic Center to be with humanity from the moment it was created. Naturally, there are 2 fractions (types of consciousness) opposed to each other in every way imaginable. The good one is called “The Great White Brotherhood” (from which is Machiavinda), the bad one is called “The Great Dark Brotherhood“. So the former is e-volution (positive, progressive), the latter is de-volution (negative, regressive). These two forces tend to balance each other out to allow changes to take place at the perfect time (neither too soon nor too late). Our current world is 3D (3rd dimension). However, when viewed from a higher level (4th+ dimension) all “good and bad guys” form a united consciousness. Which are different aspects of the One Creator working in harmony. That’s why in our polarity world “good” and “evil” are mere lessons.

drunvalo_largeThe mission

The Drunvalo Melchizedek name as a “mission statement” (at this particular point of time as a cycle juncture) signifies the positive pro-evolution consciousness. Which is trying to spread in a world of transition/transformation by finding various ways to get as many spirits as possible through to the next level of consciousness. Due to some special events (which took place in 1972), the Dark Brotherhood sent in our world 4 additional members (arriving from the Orion star system). While the White Brotherhood sent 4 of their own to balance this act – and Drunvalo is one of the four “good guys”. He was chosen because of his Melchizedek Order experience in the 13th-dimensional realm where he’s been for about 10 billion Earth years, without any awareness of the polarity consciousness – and he was dispatched here because of “his innocence”.

Drunvalo wasn’t born as Drunvalo Melchizedek. He (as a spirit/idea) took the body of Bernard Perona on April 10, 1972. It was all done by agreement, and as Drunvalo says, the other guy was given “something very special” in return for the favor (though he didn’t specify what it was). These acts are better known as “walk-ins” (also as “aspect shifts” and “overlays“) when a higher consciousness level spirit “desperately” needs to incarnate into an adult body at a very specific moment.

The celestial (Sirius-Pleiades) Drunvalo Melchizedek history


  • His spirit moved in a specific pattern through the Great Nothingness for a very long time (in millions of Earth years). In our galaxy he was met by Machiavinda, then he went through the middle star in Orion’s belt – one of the primary stargates to other dimensions. Furthermore, Drunvalo says there are 13 stargates in our galaxy, but the Orion’s is a very special one because “great light and great darkness operate there very close together”.
  • After Orion’s belt, he headed for the Pleiades to find a particular 4th-dimensional green planet. On this planet he had no physical body – there he existed as a conscious ball of light. Then he gestated in a baby and kept that body for 15 Earth years to learn his lessons there.

The Journey

  • After the Pleiades, he went to the 3rd planet (a marine world) out from the star “Sirius B” (which is a faint white dwarf). On this planet he was just consciousness (without material body), existing by attaching Sirius A and Bhimself to a very large female Orca whale to learn from her the history of the Earth. At the end of this short period, 3 humanoid creatures (14-16 ft/4-5 m tall Pleiadians) took him to the scarce landmass of this planet and gave him a male body of an adult Sirian. Then Drunvalo was given a Sirian space ship to fly to Earth along with 350 crew members. The exact flight pattern involved flying from Sirius B through the core of Sirius A. This space voyage lasted about 90 seconds – later the ship came out through our sun.
  • The next shortstop in Drunvalo’s “journey through the stars” was Venus – inhabited by the most advanced beings in our solar system. Finally, the ship transited to Earth. As a projection, the space ship and its passengers came in 1 overtone higher than our current dimensional level so people could not see them.
  • Next, he left his Sirian body to become again a ball of light. The rest is more like some high math stuff pleasantly veiled in some abstract concepts of the dimensions. Then he shifted upward into the Earth’s 4th-dimensional level, then the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, so he could finally find the great lords (ascended masters) on the 10th, 11th, and 12th overtones of the 6th dimension. From 1819 to 1850 he learned important facts from the ascended masters.

The return

  • Drunvalo was incarnated in 1850 in New Mexico in the Taos (Pueblo Indian) tribe as a female, which body he maintained for 40 years to consciously let it go in 1890 (by holding her breath). Then he returned to the 6th dimension where he stayed until 1972.

The current Drunvalo Melchizedek biography

  • It all started on April 10th, 1972, when Drunvalo’s spirit walked into the body of Bernard Perona. Both spirits had been talking for about 9 years before this event. It was all done following the universal law – they both petitioned for it at a higher level and got permission to do it.Christ Consciousness Grid
  • The Christ Consciousness Grid. Drunvalo refers to himself as part of a Sirian experiment whose ultimate goal is to control human consciousness. The first stage of this experiment included a Christ consciousness grid to be created around the Earth via a system of sacred temples/special energy sites. The creation of the grid was approved by a 48-member council and was built by the White Brotherhood. The grid had only a partial effect on humanity’s consciousness, so a new project was needed.
  • According to Drunvalo, in August 1972, our Sun was on its path to expand from hydrogen into a helium star. In such a scenario humans would  ‘burn up’ unless they had reached the Christ consciousness. The Sirians decided to “save” humans and their project was approved by the Galactic council. On this subject, the man says: “After 13000 years of trying to create the Christ consciousness grid, in the middle of the 1700’s it became clear to our physical creators [the Sirians (father) and the Nephilim (mother)] that we are going to fail”. The Sirians have searched for almost 250 years and finally have found a being/spirit. Which had an idea that they presented to the Galactic council. The new experiment was to be performed by Thoth, the ascended masters (highly evolved humans), the White Brotherhood, and the galaxy’s spiritual hierarchy.

The new Plan

  • As part of the “new plan”, a large cigar-shaped space ship was built and positioned outside the Earth’s boundary layer. There were 8 special objects which were placed at 8 corners of our planet’s tetrahedral energy-body (in the 4th dimension). Then via a beam of light from the ship the energy was sent (again, in the 4th dimension) to one of the objects. As a reaction, this object responded with either a red, blue, or green beam of light sent to each of the other 7 objects. The result of all this (according to Drunvalo) was that this light entered into the original 8 cells at the center of the body of each one of us. From there to our star tetrahedral energy body/field. It created a unique field around each one of us, allowing the Sirians to alter our consciousness – without humans knowing it – meaning no free will choices. A similar energy field was also created around the planet to protect the planet from the Sun’s expansion. Sirians were able to control our thoughts/feelings, and also to project images into our physical reality, plus the ability to completely alternate our DNA – if and when it’s necessary.


  • According to Drunvalo, this is the absolute “peak of the Sirian Experiment” (he even refers to it as “big day”), but as to what really has happened on that day – he says we won’t know until we reach our Christ consciousness.


  • Our Reality Choices as humans. In time, as progress became evident, the Sirians began allowing humans to make free-will choices. However, if we fail by taking the wrong choice, they would continue to give humans their sets of reality choices – until we learn our spiritual lesson.
  • (global changes, a new order for our world) The completion of the Christ Consciousness grid in 1989 allows humans to ascend to the next dimension world.

Many people describe Drunvalo as a warm feeling of pure love, peace, ease, balance. He is definitely a unique person. I believe in our contemporary world there are many higher-dimensional beings (you can call them aliens if you like) on different assignments, and all of them had to sacrifice their ultimate blissful existence in higher worlds to descend and do their job – here and now. After the incarnation, the most important thing is to remember, and Drunvalo says that’s his role here and now – to help you to remember, to connect with your inner self so you could stop seeking out the “truths of others” in the huge pile of theories and ideas, countless possibilities and questionable agendas. Once you know who you really are, you’re no longer in need of anyone to teach you anything. And that is so true!


Now you know who is Drunvalo Melchizedek – according to Drunvalo himself. He speaks of Sirians, of consciousness/mind control, of free will choices granted to a limited number of humans. In addition to, a brighter future for humanity when it will be absolutely free to make its own choices. And there’s no doubt about it – he’s one of the pleasantly special people of our “time of times”, on a mission, serving higher goals. He definitely knows more than he tells (it’s like a spiritual rule) and he is still here doing what he has to do.

When a TV ad tells you “you are special and you live in a special time” it means only one thing – “feel special as long as you buy it”. When Drunvalo speaks these same words to you, there are only three possible reactions. 1) You feel oneness by forgetting about “their hugely big lies” and “my very big truth”. 2) You go along with the idea of “New Age Religion” secret societies agendas. 3) It’s one of the moments when you just feel nicely happy, surrounded by warmth and calmness, no lies, no foes.

Well, it’s always up to you to decide (free choice, huh?) where is the lie, and who is the liar, and why is the rising price of your well-being insurance coverage always reported as good news! It could be beneficial for a person to try not to be positive or negative, but to be grateful – to all special people of our special time! Because it’s always about you – in this world, it’s only about you! Learn to be you! Be you!